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FX::Unicode Namespace Reference

Unicode versions of common character functions. More...


FXAPI FXuint charCategory (FXwchar ucs)
 Character wide character category.
FXAPI FXuint charDirection (FXwchar ucs)
 Get character wide character direction.
FXAPI FXuint decomposeType (FXwchar ucs)
 Get wide character decompose type.
FXAPI FXuint charNumDecompose (FXwchar ucs)
 Return number of wide characters in decomposition.
FXAPI const FXwchar * charDecompose (FXwchar ucs)
 Return wide character decomposition.
FXAPI FXwchar charCompose (FXwchar ucsa, FXwchar ucsb)
 Return wide character composition from ucsa and ucsb.
FXAPI FXuint joiningType (FXwchar ucs)
 Get wide character joining.
FXAPI FXuint isSymmetric (FXwchar ucs)
 Get wide character symmetry.
FXAPI FXuint charCombining (FXwchar ucs)
 Get wide character combining type; zero means starter.
FXAPI FXint digitValue (FXwchar ucs)
 Get numeric value of wide character (this includes hex value)
FXAPI FXuint lineBreakType (FXwchar ucs)
 Get linebreak type of wide character.
FXAPI FXwchar mirrorImage (FXwchar ucs)
 Get mirror image of wide character or character itself.
FXAPI FXuint scriptType (FXwchar ucs)
 Script type of wide character.
FXAPI FXbool hasCase (FXwchar ucs)
 Unicode flavor of common functions.
FXAPI FXbool isUpper (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isLower (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isTitle (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isAscii (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isLetter (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isDigit (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isAlphaNumeric (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isControl (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isSpace (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isBlank (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isPunct (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isGraph (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isPrint (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isHexDigit (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isSymbol (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isMark (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXbool isSep (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXwchar toUpper (FXwchar ucs)
 Case conversion.
FXAPI FXwchar toLower (FXwchar ucs)
FXAPI FXwchar toTitle (FXwchar ucs)

Detailed Description

Unicode versions of common character functions.

Copyright © 1997-2011 Jeroen van der Zijp