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FXComplexd.h File Reference

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namespace  FX


class  FX::FXComplexd
 Double-precision complex. More...


FXComplexd FX::conjugate (const FXComplexd &c)
FXComplexd FX::polar (FXdouble mod, FXdouble arg)
FXComplexd FX::exponent (const FXComplexd &c)
FXComplexd FX::logarithm (const FXComplexd &c)
FXbool FX::operator== (const FXComplexd &c, FXdouble r)
FXbool FX::operator!= (const FXComplexd &c, FXdouble r)
FXbool FX::operator== (FXdouble r, const FXComplexd &c)
FXbool FX::operator!= (FXdouble r, const FXComplexd &c)
FXComplexd FX::operator+ (const FXComplexd &a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator- (const FXComplexd &a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator* (const FXComplexd &a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator/ (const FXComplexd &a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator+ (const FXComplexd &a, FXdouble b)
FXComplexd FX::operator- (const FXComplexd &a, FXdouble b)
FXComplexd FX::operator* (const FXComplexd &a, FXdouble b)
FXComplexd FX::operator/ (const FXComplexd &a, FXdouble b)
FXComplexd FX::operator+ (FXdouble a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator- (FXdouble a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator* (FXdouble a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXComplexd FX::operator/ (FXdouble a, const FXComplexd &b)
FXStream & FX::operator<< (FXStream &store, const FXComplexd &c)
FXStream & FX::operator>> (FXStream &store, FXComplexd &c)

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